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Get to know our shutters

They're about to make a big impact in your life, so it's worth taking a closer look. Explore plantation shutters in detail and see why they're such a great choice for your home.

Anatomy of a shutter

1. Top and bottom rails enclose the slats to form the panel. (You can add a middle rail if you like.)

2. Front push rods sit in a recessed mouse hole in the rail when the stats are shut.

3. The frame houses the panel; it can fix directly onto a window or into the wall recess.

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4. Slats tilt and rotate to control light levels, views and privacy. Only Shutterly Fabulous slats close fully whether pushed up or down.

5. Vertical rails either side of the panel are called stiles.

6. The front push rod is a thin vertical wood bar that’s connected to the slats, controlling their position when moved up or down.